Your First Appointment

In order to make an appointment to see Dr. Boyle, you will require a referral from another healthcare practitioner (GP, other doctor, physiotherapist). Please ask your healthcare provider to refer you specifically to our clinic. Both ACC and private insurance companies require a referral from a registered healthcare practitioner before they will fund your clinic visit, investigations and subsequent surgery if required.

We will review the referral letter from your healthcare practitioner and then contact you to arrange the most suitable time for you to come for an appointment.

Your Initial AssessmenT

Arriving at our clinic

Please bring appropriate clothing for the examination (singlet top for shoulders, shorts or loose pants for knees and hips) and remember to bring your ACC documentation if you have had an injury, any x-rays or scans you may have (these will often already be available online), and your list of medical problems and medications. Please let our secretary know you have arrived, and take a seat in the waiting room.

Clinical assessment

Dr. Boyle will call you into the consultation room. You are very welcome to bring your friend, partner, or family with you into the consultation. You will spend time speaking with Dr. Boyle about your problem, after which he will examine your knee, shoulder, or hip. 


Please remember to bring any x-rays or scans that you have had. Often these images will be available to Dr. Boyle online, but please check with your doctor or physiotherapist to make sure. In many cases, after your initial examination, Dr. Boyle will order further specific investigations (such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan).

Treatment discussion and planning

After Dr. Boyle has assembled all of the information and made a diagnosis, he will discuss treatment options with you. Treatment options will include both non-surgical treatments and surgical treatments, and Dr. Boyle will discuss the benefits and potential risks of each.

It is important to know that you are in control of your care and treatment planning. Dr. Boyle is there to provide information, answer your questions, and expertly assist you with your treatment decisions.